Honda, Seinfeld, Family Guy and Rules of Engagement

What does Honda, Seinfeld, Family Guy, and Rules of Engagement have to do with each other? Patrick Warburton. Yup, Honda has cast the famous actor for their newly-launched advertising campaign, "Good Reasons."

In true form, Warburton uses his over-the-top comedic guiles to expose the truth about car buying and the tricks used in most auto advertisements, poking fun at everything from using sex to sell what are essentially pieces of metal to legal disclaimers that are largely illegible. To prove Honda's top-notch ownership experience, Warburton, calls upon the most independent critics that be: Edmunds, J.D Power and Kelley Blue Book (KKB).

The point being, if you have the awards and accolades that Honda does, you don't actually need to employ such tactics. For most drivers in America, just knowing that the Honda Fit, Honda Civic, Honda Element, Honda Accord Crosstour and Honda Ridgeline received the least complaints per 100 autos within their respective categories in the proprietary J.D. Powers and Associates 2011 Initial Quality Study is enough...Of course, that's not the only accolade Honda has in their trunks. There are plenty more to call upon.

Speaking on the "Good Reasons" campaign, Jason Sperling, RPA SVP/GCD says, "In this campaign, we took the values that are the core to Honda's brand image - simple, smart, straightforward - and made them really engaging and fun. We created a layer of honesty that isn't seen from most car manufacturers. And, we show Honda's strengths in a way that cuts through the clich├ęs and usual tactics and feels incredibly fresh."1

Tune in to the TV, radio, Web to catch the whole campaign. And, feel free to leave a comment telling us what you think? We have to say, Barber Honda, located at 4500 Wible Road, Bakersfield, CA has thoroughly enjoyed what we've seen and heard, thus far.

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