New Film Offers Clues for Next Honda Release

We know, we know. Spying on movie sets probably isn't the best idea. That's why we left it up to paparazzi to do the dirty deed. Rumor has it, the next successor in the Honda NSX line was spotted on the Avengers movie set, a blockbuster film that is set to debut next summer. Honda hasn't denied that the rumors are true. We don't blame the company. Why wouldn't it want its vehicle to be spotted alongside the likes of Robert Downey Jr.?  The first clues about the new NSX will be officially debuted at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2012. A hybrid concept is reportedly known internally as the "Super Sport."

Should the movie-car actually make it to production, as expected, it will likely be on sale by 2013. Honda even dared to show a small, sleek image of the model at a technical presentation to reporters at its Motegi Twin Ring facility recently. This move comes on the heels of suggestions that the company has lost its engineering expertise, and that its sporty cars were becoming a little less than impressive. Honda plans to change that with this innovative model. Toshikiho Nonaka, Chief Operating Officer of Research and Development, outlined the company's agenda when he confirmed: "We are investigating a Super Sports car that pursues exhilarating fun." Takanobu Ito, new Chief of the company confirmed this, stating "This is the start of a new direction for Honda. We need a halo product."1

Barber Honda will certainly keep an eye out for developments around this story. We always look forward to seeing < b>new Honda vehicles on the lot. Perhaps you've had your eye on a used Honda this holiday season instead. Stop by 4500 Wible Rd. Bakersfield, CA 93313 and ask us about our fantastic deals. Happy holidays from all of us at Barber Honda!


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